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The Village Concept

Since 1999 we have been researching different models and methods to best achieve our aims. When the charity was formed, our first thought was was to build a school and orphanage.  We continued to visit India each year and travelled north and south to many orphanages, children’s homes and children’s villages in Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi and Maharashtra.  After much research the vision developed and we decided that small family homes grouped together in a ‘children’s village’ with all necessary learning, training, counseling, medical and play facilities is the best care approach.


We have created a purpose-built, safe community on our 8 acre site and when complete will accommodate up to 100 Frishta children and young people. They can grow and develop and break free from the cycle of poverty that grips the lives of so many of the poor in India.


The Frishta village is still growing and will have all the facilities to make the children's village a special place to live. There will be a Learning Centre, sports facilities and an adventure playground is planned. Rather than being ashamed to admit they live in an orphanage, Frishta children can be proud of where they live.


We aim to not just educate our Frishta children but to develop them. Education is more than just reading and arithmetic. When fully realized, it includes learning how to get along with others, coping with setbacks, and discovering strengths.


A good education provides children the foundation they need to reach their full potential, and is a basic right that no child should be denied. Our education programme is not just classroom-based, but includes home-based informal teaching, empowering children with confidence and a balanced self esteem to help children gain the life skills they need to succeed in school and in the future.