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Nigel & Rachel Studley

Nigel is the Frishta Children's Village Director and has also overseen the construction and development of the project so far. He writes:


" I am very aware that my own children have privileges they take for granted, compared with the situations that many Indian children live in. It was for this very reason that my wife and I started Frishta.


I first visited India in 1999 to visit my wife's family and travel the 'golden triangle ' of tourist destinations. It was whilst travelling through railway stations late at night that I first saw children sleeping rough on platforms and footbridges. Although I liked many things about India, the condition of the children left me feeling shocked and angry.


Before bringing my sixth month old daughter to India in 2000, I was naturally concerned how she would cope with the heat and dust, etc. But upon arrival my thoughts soon turned from just protecting my own child, to the children I saw each day on the streets and at railway stations.


A handout won't help these children, they need a hand-up, love and a home - from this the idea of Frishta was formed."

Our founders Nigel and Rachel Studley, formed the Frishta charity in 2003 with the vision of 'giving children a home, an education, a hope and a future'. They left the UK for India with their 3 children in March 2008 and live on-site.

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