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Sponsoring a child through Frishta will allow you (and your children) to know about how other less fortunate children live. By sponsoring a child in the Frishta Children’s Village you (and your family) will have the privilege of watching ‘your child’ grow up - you can receive letters, drawings and photos and you can correspond with them and even visit.  


There are no quick fixes to the needs of these vulnerable children and we need to invest time as well as money in their welfare and upbringing.  Will you join with us and become a sponsor of a Frishta child?


Frishta provides everything for our formerly orphan and semi-orphan children. It costs £50 per month to provide each child with a home, food, education, clothing, foster parents and transport.  


You can choose to cover the full cost or to share it 50/50 with another sponsor who we will find and appoint.


This will not affect your relationship with 'your' Frishta child.  You can write and send photos and you will receive the same information each quarter from your child, including news of their achievements and academic progress.


Please seriously consider giving the gift of life by sponsoring a child and email if you would like to become a Frishta Child Sponsor.


Thank you.



Child sponsorship