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Information for Schools

Request a Frishta Presentation for your School

We are happy to visit schools and give a first-hand report on what Frishta is doing to help Indian children in real need. Presentations, dramas, talks and classroom Q&A sessions can be tailored to the age of your students. Please contact if you would like to book a talk at your school.

Student's thoughts on

India and homelessness

Frishta's work and the topics of street children, poverty and homelessness have inspired the children of Our Lady of Lourdes School in Birmingham to write some amazing poems. Below are a few examples of their creativity, click on them to read

Frishta Poem - Help! Frishta Poem - Being a Child Frishta Poem – Before and After Frishta Poem – Frishta Frishta Poem – Dirty Water Frishta Poem – Frishta, Frishta poetry