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The Frishta Children

What is it like to have nothing and no-one? To not know where you will sleep tonight? To go to bed hungry? Now imagine you are just 5 years old you are a street child.


Imagine being abandoned by your parents or orphaned at a young age and not being wanted by relatives, or even being mistreated and abused by them.


Frishta is positioned clearly on the side of the categories of children who tend to be overlooked by the formal welfare and schooling systems – the underprivileged, the disadvantaged, street children and orphans.


We are committed to helping and restoring children trapped by poverty, socially excluded, and discriminated against, to give them family-based care, to gain an education and work skills that will lift them out of ‘child labour’, out of the ‘poverty cycle’ and keep them off the streets.


Frishta has been caring for children in Punjab since 2005.  We provided financial sponsorship to disadvantaged, orphan and slum children with other NGOs in the tri-cities of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula and other parts of Punjab. A total of thirteen children were sponsored by Frishta.


We opened our first children’s home as a 'pilot' in a rented 4-bedroom flat in Derabassi, Punjab in November 2010 with six children cared for.  We gained much operational experience from this pilot home and moved the children and house parents to our purpose-built site and first family home in March 2012.


We are currently caring for nearly 40 orphan and semi-orphan children in four family homes. All the children are educated at a local English and Punjabi medium private and government schools.  We have room to accomodate 50 children in four family homes and we only admit children from the poorest homes or with no home at all.


Places in the children's homes are offered free to all children. Selection is based on need only, not religion, gender, caste, or race.  


If you would like to be a part of Frishta's work with India's most needy children, please consider becoming a Frishta Child Sponsor