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About Frishta

Frishta is a small independent charity providing homes and education for orphaned and disadvantaged children in a purpose-built ‘Children’s Village’ in Punjab, near Chandigarh, northern India.


The Village is on a safe rural site and, once fully completed, will care for up to 100 children in small family homes, each with a set of house parents.


We already have four homes up and running with over 20 children being cared for by Indian house parents. All places in the children's village are offered free, based on need, not religion, gender, caste, or race.


The Village also has sports and play facilities, a swimming pool and accommodation for volunteers. In 2016 we will start to build the next set of homes plus other facilities including an education centre.


What does the name 'Frishta' mean?

FRISHTA pronounced 'F-rish-ta' means 'Angel' in a variety of languages spoken in the region, including Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

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